The A – Z of crime prevention – First Principle

opfirstprinciple_logo-01The brand, known as 1st Principle, originates from the founder of the modern police service, Sir Robert Peel, who identified nine principles of modern policing. The first of these principles was to prevent crime.

1st Principle aims to stimulate a cultural change in the way crime prevention is typically perceived and carried out. The initiative is also encouraging businesses, academic institutions, the voluntary sector, the public and the force’s partners to recognise that crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

At the heart of this initiative is the development of an online suite of bespoke, easy to follow crime prevention advice for the public to access. The advice will be updated by the force’s designing out crime officers (DOCO) and will regularly be adapted to reflect changes in crime and technology in order to prevent and reduce crime.

By visiting the 1st Principle section on the force’s website, further information can be found on areas such as CCTV, cycle security, personal safety and fraud, with more information to be added in the coming months.

To access the documents and for further crime prevention advice visit:

Crime prevention advice and a series of information events will be published on the force’s Twitter accounts. Follow @SuffolkPolice and use the hashtag #FirstPrinciple or join Suffolk Constabulary’s Facebook page.