County Lines and Youth Gang Violence

In February 2017 Suffolk County Council commissioned a Rapid Assessment Exercise (RAE) to examine presenting issues of violence, safeguarding and anti-social behaviour in Ipswich (Phase 1). A RAE is a tool for identifying, generating and summarising available research evidence, on strategic issues as comprehensively as possible within tight time and budgetary constraints. The RAE aimed to identify the nature of the problems associated with the reports of crime, anti-social behaviour (ASB) and exploitation; describe and assess existing interventions and service provision and, where relevant, highlight gaps and anomalies. The RAE therefore aims to present a basis for an evidence-based strategy for a co-ordinated response to the crime and ASB issues manifesting in Ipswich. It is suited to the development of policy and practice in fast changing situations.

County Lines
In its County Lines, Gangs and Safeguarding report (2016) the NCA describes the way street gangs, exploiting vulnerable younger adolescents in both the major cities and the destination locations, distribute narcotics across wide swathes of the country. It appears that the proliferation of drug markets in England and Wales has been a major factor in the emergence of street gangs and gang culture outside the major UK cities (Pitts, 2008, Andell & Pitts, 2010). Early findings suggest the operation of County Lines in Ipswich which are precipitating numerous concerns particularly regarding young people.

To download the report as a PDF please click here

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