Suffolk Police would like to raise your awareness that between 1 Dec and 9 Jan there have been 97 burglaries in South Suffolk.

Locally, during the last four weeks, over 20 of these burglaries have been in Ipswich with the majority of these being in the west of the town. In a lot of cases entry has been gained at the rear of the property where bricks or similar are being used to smash the glass. Jewellery and cash appear to be the target.


Suffolk Police ask that if you hear the sound of breaking glass or see anyone hanging around acting suspiciously you call 101 immediately. Should you see anyone running from a property in conjunction with breaking glass please dial 999.

  • Use timer switches to bring on lights and radio at dusk to make your home appear occupied.
  • If you have an alarm please remember to set it when going out.
  • Avoid keeping valuable jewellery in the master bedroom & never keep cash in your home.
  • Always lock windows and doors when going out.
  • Keep front & rear doors locked even when at home.

Full crime reduction advice can be accessed via the Suffolk Police website

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