Suffolk Fire and Rescue Community Impact Days

Suffolk Fire and Rescue’s Protection department work closely with all district and suffolk-fire-logoborough councils within Suffolk to identify premises of mixed commercial and residential use.  This work is to ensure that the people who have a responsibility for managing and maintaining the fire safety arrangements in these premises, are compliant with their legal responsibilities.

The objectives of partnership working on an impact day are to:

  • To audit identified commercial premises which have sleeping/living/residential above and ensure that the responsible person of the commercial premises is complying with the regulations (Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005)
  • Take reasonable and proportionate enforcement action to ensure that the fire safety measures in the commercial premises are sufficient to protect all relevant persons within the building
  • Engage with property owners to ensure that the buildings they are responsible for are both safe and compliant for their tenants
  • Work closely and proactively with District and Borough Council Housing Teams to ensure there is a consistent approach to enforcing legislation.

Remaining 2016 Impact Days 

Felixstowe – 8 November

The outcomes from Impact Days are:

  • To ensure that residents have confidence to know that they are living in well maintained properties which meet all fire safety regulations.
  • To assess that Landlords have complied with all fire safety regulations and that they have carried out a fire safety risk assessment for their property. Landlords must consider all relevant people on their property which may include people living or sleeping above their business.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue has a wealth of information on their website and can also provide one to one support to Landlords who require help with fire risk assessments.

For Landlords and Business Owners, you can also download a free maintenance log book to register your safety record, demonstrating your compliance with fire safety legislation.

If you require any further information or support from Suffolk Fire and Rescue, please contact Fire Business Support.



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