Stay Safe This Christmas

Stay Safe

As in previous years, Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Police Community Safety Teams, together with many Partners, have put together this year’s Christmas Advent Calendar Campaign.  The aim of the campaign is to communicate, inform and generate more awareness about Social Responsibility and Staying Safe.

Staying Safe this Christmas campaign messages are about personal safety, property and home security, alcohol misuse, vulnerable people, and much much more.  Individual messages will published in a traditional Advent Calendar style on Social Media via Safer Suffolk Communities Facebook page and on Twitter via @SaferSuffolk using the hashtag #StaySafeThisChristmas.

We cannot hope to deliver all we would wish to achieve without the support of all of our Partners, so we would like to say a big Thank You to everyone for their input.   I would also like to encourage everyone reading this Blog to circulate it and Re-Tweet and Share the daily Advent Calendar messages to your colleagues, networks, family and friends.

The first Stay Safe This Christmas tip is from Suffolk Trading Standards.

When purchasing Christmas presents there is a website you can use to search for genuine products from brand owner approved shops. 

So as it’s 1 December, go ahead and click on the Advent Calendar window below to open the Christmas Staying Safe link for today.  Keep following us Twitter and Facebook for each new #StaySafeThisChristmas message.

1 Dec

Be careful when purchasing gifts on-line

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