Meet Suffolk County Council’s Community Safety Team

Let me introduce you to Suffolk County Council’s Community Safety Team.  Apart from their individual roles, all the team work closely together, and with partners, to ensure that you feel safe and secure in your own home and in your community.

Partners include, all Suffolk County Council Directorates, District and Borough Councils, Suffolk Constabulary, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner, Norfolk and Suffolk Criminal Justice Board, together with very many organisations and charities within the Private and Voluntary Sector. Working collaboratively together in this way, and by having a strong commitment, contributes significantly to making Suffolk one of the safest places to live, work and visit.

Meet the Team

Team Photo

Mark Skillin, Community Safety Manager – Supports the Community Safety Team, County Councillors and Partners in achieving the best services possible for the people of Suffolk.


Chris Woods, Lead for Restorative Approaches, CSPs and the National Call Blocking project.  RA teaches: To earn Respect you need to give Respect!


Debbie Charles, Lead for Suffolk Hate Crime Service. The service provides support for victims of Hate Crime and delivers Hate and Mate Crime training and awareness raising.
Contact:  Twitter: 



Taz Hussain, Hate Crime Officer.  Supporting victims of Hate & Mate Crime reported to Suffolk Hate Crime Service and liaise with 3rd Party Reporting Centres.



Dave Gilson
, Police employee working within the Suffolk Hate Crime Service supporting victims of Hate & Mate Crime.



Shirley Osborne, Lead for the Domestic Abuse Partnership and DA Strategy and Training. Working with partners to prevent domestic homicide and improve services for victims and families
New Website:



Charlotte Sanderson
, Lead for Anti-Social Behaviour. Bringing together ASB leads across the county to share best practice and problem solve.


SueSue Burstall, Lead for Homeshield and Community Safety Social Media. Homeshield enables front line officers, who work with vulnerable people, to make referrals about other issues.  Social Media is a great medium to keep communities informed.
Twitter:   and Safer Suffolk Communities on Facebook



Marika Bourget, Lead for analysis and evidence based information and research. This information also aids Councillors and managers to make good decisions.



Community Safety is all about keeping the people of Suffolk Safe…it’s what we do!
We lead the way in Suffolk for many cutting edge services, delivering training and intervention awareness, we well as supporting victims, colleagues and councillors.

We all have an important part to play in keeping Suffolk Safer


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