Ipswich Vulnerability Impact Night

A Vulnerability Impact Night is being held on Saturday 27 September 2014 in Ipswich town centre.

The aim of the vulnerability impact night is to bring together a number of different agencies to identify and assist those who are vulnerable during the night time economy period on a Saturday night. The aims of the operation are to reduce the risk of harm to vulnerable people through victimisation, to reduce the risk to vulnerable people caused by alcohol and drugs and improve the public/licensees awareness in spotting someone who is vulnerable due to a number of different factors. We also aim to improve the public confidence and perception of the Police and partners in caring for vulnerable people.

Police Officers and partner agencies will be looking for people who are potentially vulnerable due to their drunkenness, being separated from friends, emotional state, mental ill health or victims of crime and trying to assist them in making sure they are safe for the evening. This will be achieved in a number of different ways such as, having them looked after to sober up, making sure they can get home, getting them medical treatment or any other way depending on the situation.

We wish to raise people’s awareness of the vulnerability factors and potential hazards involved in binge drinking.

Working in partnership to keep the people of Suffolk Safe


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