September is Fleet Safety Month

This is a campaign led by ‘Brake‘, the road safety charity.

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Are you a Fleet Company or Fleet Driver?

At least a third of road deaths and a quarter of serious injuries are the result of crashes involving someone driving for work – whether it’s a company car driver, a professional driver of a commercial vehicle, or someone driving their own vehicle on company business.

In all these situations, the employer has a duty of care to do what they can to ensure the driver and their vehicle are safe. However, while some companies have comprehensive policies and practices to safeguard company drivers and other road users, many more are failing on their duty of care responsibilities, sometimes with horrendous consequences.

 What needs to be done?

Organisations with employees who drive for work can help make our roads safer by putting in place comprehensive policies and procedures to manage and reduce the risks their staff face and pose to others. This includes policies to prevent dangerous driving behaviour, such as banning all use of phones at the wheel, and requiring regular rest breaks.

Employers should provide driver assessments, training and education on safe driving, and monitor any incidents that involve their staff to address problem issues. They should use the safest possible vehicles, rigorously maintained, and fitted with the latest safety features, such as telematics to monitor speeds, and the latest devices on trucks to eliminate blind-spots. Brake encourage companies to minimise risk by making fewer at-work journeys by road, using teleconferencing or trains to get to meetings.

Brake believes companies should be required by law to report any fatal or injury collisions involving their vehicles to the Health and Safety Executive – as they are already required to do for other safety matters that cause far fewer casualties – and should face prosecution and stiff penalties if poor safety management is found to be at fault.  We also need greater investment in roads policing, and rigorous enforcement of truck and bus safety rules.

For more information about this campaign, check out the Brake website.  This and other road safety campaigns will be highlighted during this year’s Road Safety Week (17-23 November).


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