Staying Safe at Outside Events – August

There are a number of great music and art events taking place in Suffolk this August:



Suffolk Police and ourselves have previously produced and published a number safety messages about staying safe at events and festivals, these messages remain important and relevant to any and all large events.

Consider your own personal safety

Arrange a meeting point and rendezvous times in case you get separated from your friends. Drink too much and you’re likely to feel disorientated.  You can’t always rely on mobile phones, although it’s a good idea to make sure you don’t run your battery down completely. Some larger festivals have recharging points.

  • Stick with friends and do not go back to your tent alone
  • Enjoy the Festival but look after yourself and your friends

Keep hydrated and wear suitable clothing, taking into consideration the weather forecast.

Moderate your alcohol consumption

The best way to avoid problems from alcohol is to stay within the recommended limits. So keep a count of what you are drinking. Recognise when you’re drinking too quickly. Sometimes you might just be thirsty rather than really wanting an alcoholic drink. Don’t ruin the rest of the weekend by overdoing it on Thursday. Give your body a break from the booze on at least one of the days and avoid morning drinking altogether.

  • Think When You Drink: alcohol affects everyone in very different ways.
  • Think Fights: alcohol can make people more aggressive
  • Know Your Limit: stick to it. “Think Again before you drink another drop”
    Think Again bottle


  • Spiking:  never leave your drinks unattended even soft drinks get spiked
  • Time to Stop: If you have sex without consent you could end up going to prison for rape. Just like with alcohol you need to know when to stop! Saying no means the same in every language
  • Under the influence of alcohol you are more likely to find yourself in a vulnerable situation

Look After Your Valuables

Concerts and Festivals are not hotbeds of crime, but thefts do happen and they are more likely to occur, but if you have had lots of alcohol, you are not so aware of what’s going on around you.

Camping 1


And if you are planning on camping at any of these or future events, check out ROSPA’s safety advice.


Try not to bring valuables like mp3 players or jewellery with you.

  • Don’t carry your wallet or phone in your back pocket
  • Do not leave valuables in your tent
  • If you do leave things of value in your car put them out of sight in the boot and make sure you lock your vehicle

Please take some time to consider your personal safety and remain vigilant so you don’t become a victim of theft or any other crime. Report any suspicious persons to a member of security at the event or Camp site Assistance Team. There are usually a number of Festival and Town Pastors attending many such events who will also help anyone who needs assistance.

Have a great time and stay safe



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