World Cup 2014 – Leave the kicking off to the football!

WomensAid Football United

Football United Against Domestic Violence is a new campaign by Women’s Aid, working with national footballing bodies, sports media, football clubs, the police, players and fans to send a clear message that domestic violence is always unacceptable. Together we aim to call out sexist behaviour that can underpin violence towards women and girls.

Kicking off a safe world cup

Suffolk Police are appealing to everyone to enjoy the matches, behave appropriately and leave the kicking off to the football! The Police are eager for everyone to be safe and enjoy the World Cup but are aware that an increased amount of alcohol and intensified emotions can lead to an increase in public order offences and domestic violence.  A series of posters are available to download for any premises that wish to display them. These posters cover domestic violence, public order offences and hate crime.

If you live in Suffolk and you want to talk to someone about domestic abuse, listed here are details of all the agencies that provide support, together with the national helplines telephone numbers.

Hate Crime Logo

The Suffolk Hate Crime Service supports victims and families of hate crimes and hate incidents.  If you need to report a hate crime or hate incident, there are various ways to do so.

  Working in partnership to keep the people of Suffolk Safe




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