Staying Safe at Outside Events – July

There are a number of great music and art events taking place in Suffolk this July including:



Suffolk Police and ourselves have previously produced and published a number safety messages about staying safe at events and festivals, these messages remain important and relevant to any and all large events.

To reduce the chance of being targeted by thieves please consider the following:

– Take valuables with you at all times.

– Do not bring large sums of cash, or lots of credit/debit cards. Only bring what you need and keep them on you at all times.

– If you arrive by car don’t leave anything in your vehicle, including satellite navigation systems/CDs, cash etc. Take everything with you or leave it at home.

– Be mindful of the activities of people around you when watching performances. Bags with shoulder straps should be worn across your chest, with the fastening towards your body.

– Keep mobile phones secure. It’s easy for a pickpocket to remove items such as these from a pocket or bag in a crowd without you noticing.

Also consider your own personal safety, remember:

– Stick with your friends. If you’re with people you know and trust the chances are you’ll look out for each other.

– Moderate your alcohol consumption. Overdo it and you’ll be less aware and less likely to spot dangers.

– Keep hydrated and wear suitable clothing, taking into consideration the weather forecast.

Camping 1


If you are planning on camping at any of these or future events, check out ROSPA’s safety advice.


Here is some previously published personal safety and vehicle security information.

Please take some time to consider your personal safety and remain vigilant so you don’t become a victim of theft or any other crime.

Have a great time and stay safe


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