How to stop scam telephone calls!

Do you know someone that has fallen victim of a telephone scam and suffered financial detriment from it?

The effect of scam calls on vulnerable members of the community is a major problem across the UK, but one that is grossly under reported. The impact suffered by the victims is not just financial, but emotional

To help protect vulnerable Suffolk residents from telephone scams in the future, Suffolk County Council is seeking victims to come forward and take part in a national call blocking technology trial.

TruecallThe new ‘TrueCall’ technology operates in a small device installed on a telephone line that blocks all unwanted calls. TrueCall has the ability to remember who residents like to speak to and who they don’t.

Phone numbers of family and friends are stored separately, whilst the details of nuisance callers are kept on another permanently blocked list. Residents, carers and family members can decide how calls are handled, for example there is an option for callers to be asked to identify themselves before ringing.

If you would like to register for the trial or for further information, please contact Chris Woods at Suffolk County Council’s Community Safety Team on 01473 260 816 or by email at

Whilst this trial is currently only available for previous scam victims that have suffered financial detriment, information about how to protect yourself and your loved ones against scams is available at or by calling
08454 04 05 06.


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