Safer Internet Day 2014


The day is organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre in February of each year to promote the safe and responsible use of on-line technology and mobile phones for children and young people. 

By following the links in the information below you will get an insight into a cross-section of work undertaken to create a safer internet together for Suffolk.

Suffolk Trading Standards

Suffolk Trading Standards are worried about a trend where people have become victims of scams on the internet.  These incidents have informed a large part of their information and advice during Safer Internet Day.

Read about how Suffolk Trading Standards and E-Safer Suffolk have joined forces to help spread the message of Safer Internet Day 2014, getting internet savvy together.

Trading Standards information is published through their Consumer Advice Blog. This Blog provides a whole wealth of searchable consumer advice, not just internet safety.  You can also keep in touch with the latest advise by following them on Twitter @SuffolkTS or by visiting their Facebook page.

Suffolk Hate Crime Service

In response to a recent national on-line survey that highlighted the need for front line professionals to be better trained to support child victims of on-line abuse, Suffolk’s Hate Crime Service lead Deborah Charles has been working with Dr Allison Boggis from the University Campus Suffolk, and with Suffolk Police, Safe cic and Fresh Start, New Beginnings, to design a free, easy to use dedicated web space.  This new resource offers a bank of advice, information and support relating to issues of concern about e-safety and children and young people’s behaviour on-line and is being launched to coincide with Safer Internet Day (SID).

Watch Suffolk’s Hate Crime Service Lead, Deborah Charles and Dr Allison Boggis from UCS, discussing ‘Cyberbulling’.

You can get more information about the work of the Suffolk Hate Crime Service on Twitter @suffolkH8crime or by visiting their website or Facebook page.

Suffolk Police

Suffolk Police are encouraging residents to think about what they and their children are doing on-line and how safe their internet use is as part of the nationwide Safer Internet Day.

Suffolk Police has on-line and social media safety advise and as part of this year’s SID they are supporting the launch of, a dedicated web space that offers a resource bank of advice, information and support relating to issues of concern about eSafety and children and young people’s behaviour online. 

You can keep in touch with Suffolk Police on Twitter @SuffolkPolice or by visiting their website or their Facebook page.

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