Be more Fire Aware this Christmas Time

Fire logo

Remember that when you get in with all that extra Christmas present shopping, not to put it on top of your cooker hob or hotplate.  Not even for a short time because you might just forget it’s there and as we all try to multi task, if you are also trying to prepare a meal whilst putting shopping away, you may turn the hob on and set fire to your all your Christmas shopping and lose your kitchen too!

Cooking with AlcoholA crowded house can bring its own distractions.  It’s even more important to stay alert while cooking and entertaining over the festive period.

Take extra care when cooking:

  • don’t get distracted
  • remember to turn off or turn down the heat if you have to leave the cooking unattended
  • avoid cooking when under the influence of alcohol.
  • always turn off kitchen appliances when you have finished cooking.

Tree Candles

There is far more potential for a fire during the Christmas period.  This is because of the extra candles being lit and the decorative lights being used to light our houses and Christmas trees.  Never store Christmas presents near to decorative or tree lights and never close to lit candles.

Christmas is a busy time, but people still need to take a few precautions around the home in order to ensure they have a safe and happy festive period.

Stay Safe

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