Going to a Celebration or Party this Christmas and New Year?


Go out and have fun but look after yourself and your friends and ensure that everyone gets home safely.  Tell someone reliable where you are going and when you will be back. Also remember to eat something before you start drinking, never leave your drinks unattended, even soft drinks can be spiked.

It’s important to know your own alcohol limits and equally as important is to make sure you:

  • Stay Together – go out with a group if possible and make sure everyone gets home safely either with the group, or if you get separated use a licensed taxi. Don’t accept lifts from strangers or go home with someone you have just met.
  • Stay Sensible – alcohol affects everyone in very different ways. Drinking too much can make people aggressive, it can make you feel disorientated and whilst under the influence of alcohol you are more likely to find yourself in a vulnerable situation. Being under the influence of drink or drugs makes you more vulnerable.  Over 50 deaths have been linked to so called ‘legal highs’.
  • Stay Aware – using headphones or your phone means you may not hear an attacker until it is too late
  • Stay Safe – stick to main roads and avoid dark and deserted places, especially parks and river paths.
  • Stay Secure – keep valuables such as phones, money and jewellery hidden

Busy parents may also be rushed off their feet this Christmas. The drink.aware.co.uk website provides a Parents Festive Checklist, information about how to navigate the stress of Christmas and the subject of alcohol with your children.

We hope that you find these Community Safety Messages informative and helpful.

Stay Safe

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