Road Safety Week

For this year’s Road Safety Week, 18-24 November, ‘Brake’ the Road Safety Charity, are running a ‘Tune In’ campaign.

Tune In_Road Safety Week

They are appealing for drivers to Tune In to road safety and turn off their phones and never attempt to multi-task at the wheel. It’s also about all of us looking out for ourselves and each other, however we’re using roads, by not speaking to someone else on the phone who’s driving, and taking care to stay focused while on foot or bike: including getting off the phone, taking out headphones and following the good old ‘green cross code’ to get across roads safely.

Watch your Speed

Excess speed for the conditions or the limit is one of the main reasons for accidental deaths and injuries on our roads.  The speed limits that are enforced across the UK are there to protect road users warning them of the dangers of the road.

The speed limits on the roads vary depending on the vehicle that your are driving. A list of the speed limits and speed restrictions based on vehicle type are available here from Suffolk Police.

Suffolk Constabulary Community Speed Watch

The Community Speed Watch initiative allows members of the community to address the issue of speeding by becoming actively involved in road safety, monitoring speeds at safe locations with speed detection equipment. If you are interested in joining, more information is available from Suffolk Constabulary’s website.

Driving under the influence of drink or drugs

Drink driving is extremely dangerous and illegal. Any amount of alcohol will affect your ability to drive and this can have disastrous consequences.

The only safe option is not to drink alcohol if you plan to drive, and never offer an alcoholic drink to someone else who is intending to drive.

Driving under the influence of drugs, whether prescribed medication or illegal substances, is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol and is also against the law. But are you aware that some prescribed drugs, and those you can buy over the counter such as cold and flu medicine, can also have an affect on people’s ability to drive. 

Suffolk Constabulary and The Department of Transport has lots more information and advice on driving under the influence of drink and drugs, and about staying safe on our roads.

One thought on “Road Safety Week

  1. There are so many cars driving about with defective lights during the dark nights I’m surprised vehicle lighting does not deserve a higher profile in the Road Safety campaigns.

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