Staying Safe This Christmas

Stay Safe

Suffolk Constabulary Community Safety Unit, along with partners from across the county (Suffolk County Council Community Safety, Suffolk Trading Standards, Suffolk Fire and Rescue, and Public Heath), has put together this year’s Christmas Campaign aimed at  Suffolk communities Staying Safe this Christmas.

Heart FMHeart FM Suffolk will also be undertaking an airtime campaign from 1 December 2013 to 31 December 2013 transmitted across all the transmitters in Suffolk at various times.

These are aimed at alcohol awareness, theft of personal property, personal safety and friends sticking together when out drinking.

Additional ‘Stay Safe this Christmas’ campaign messages about personal safety, property and home security, vulnerable people and much much more, will be published in an Advent Calendar style through Twitter @SaferSuffolk.  As we cannot deliver all we wish to achieve without the support of all our partners, could I encourage you to circulate this Blog and Re-Tweet the daily messages to your colleagues, networks, family and friends.  

At the end of the campaign the Top Five who have re-Tweeted all messages will each receive a prize of a home safety device.

So as it’s 1 December, to discover the first message, click on the first Advent Calendar window and Stay Safe this Christmas

1 Dec

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