Heating Oil and Fuel Tank Security Advice

Protect your heating oil and diesel tanks against theft by following these simple steps:

  • Install and secure perimeter gating, restricting access.
  • Screen your tank with fences or trellis and/or defensive perimeter planting.  Thieves will not want to force their way through or over a prickly hedge.
  • Install dusk to dawn security lighting.
  • Install lockable caps, supported by closed shackle padlocks (check you are insured for any seepage).
  • Consider installing a tank alarm/CCTV monitoring.
  • Join a Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) scheme to keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles/persons.
  • Make a note of the registration number of any suspicious vehicles and if in doubt report any suspicions/concerns to the police.

Here is a Heating_Oil_Security_Advice_leaflet1 containing further information for you to download and share.

101 is the number to call when you want to contact Suffolk Police when it’s less urgent.  However in an emergency always call 999.

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