Restorative Approaches

Suffolk is committed to pursuing restorative approaches as a positive way to:

build relationships, maintain relationships and repair relationships for individuals and communities when harm has been caused.

The Restorative Justice Council have produced this powerful short film, The Woolf Within, which features Peter Woolf and Will Riley speaking about their experience of restorative justice.

Restorative practices are, therefore, a significant mechanism to help partners and communities in Suffolk achieve the 20 year Community Strategy vision of: ‘Safe, Healthy and Inclusive Communities – to create a place where everyone is safe, healthy and involved, no matter who they are, or where in the county they live.’

The Restorative Approaches Strategy has been written on behalf of Suffolk Restorative Approaches Steering Group,  The Strategy will be reviewed regularly and updated and published on the Safer Suffolk pages of the Transforming Suffolk website .

The a multi-agency partnership comprising of the following partners:

  • Suffolk County Council (Community Safety: Youth Offending Service: Children and Young Peoples Directorate: Adult & Community Services Directorate; Customer Rights.)
  • Suffolk Constabulary
  • Norfolk and Suffolk Probation Trust
  • Waveney District Council
  • Suffolk Coastal District Council
  • Ipswich Borough Council
  • Babergh District Council
  • Mid Suffolk District Council
  • St Edmundsbury Borough Council
  • Forest Heath District Council
  • Suffolk Hate Crime Service
  • Suffolk & Norfolk Criminal Justice Board
  • HMPS Highpoint
  • HMPS Hollesley Bay
  • Representative of East of England Prisons
  • Anglican Churches Representative
  • Registered Social Landlord Havebury Housing
  • Registered Social Landlord Suffolk Housing
  • Suffolk Association of Local Councils
  • Victim Support
  • Barrister Representative
  • Representative from Voluntary and Community Sector Congress
  • The office of the Suffolk Police Crime Commissioner

The steering group provides direction for the development of restorative approaches across the following areas:

Restorative Justice within Criminal Justice arena
Restorative approaches within Communities in Suffolk
Restorative approaches within a Children and Young People setting
Restorative approaches in other organisational settings

This strategy is supported by an action plan and training package to increase knowledge amongst statutory and voluntary agencies and communities.

The Steering Group is aware of restorative practices nationally and locally (with specific reference to the work being established in Norfolk) and has drawn upon this expertise in its development of restorative approaches in Suffolk. Within Suffolk we are aware that restorative practices are common within some settings, and it is hoped that this strategy will go some way to formulising a countywide approach and looks to fill any identified gaps.

For more information about the Strategy, the Restorative Approaches Steering Group and the Action Plan, please contact

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