Cold calling in Respect of Selling Intruder Alarms

Suffolk Police have received information with regards to a company that are targeting the elderly and vulnerable with unsolicited telephone calls offering them a ‘free’ alarm system, security, fire or personal. Costs of up to £6,000 have resulted.

The caller may claim they are responding to a recent crime or suggest they are working with the local police. Needless to say high pressure sales tactics will be used to try and get someone to sign up to a contract.

No registered security industry regulated company will use these hard sales tactics and I should say this is happening nationally not specifically in Suffolk.

Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) have been supplied with full details so will be aware should people want to seek any advice on this issue and Suffolk Police Crime Reduction Officers are available should any one actually be thinking of getting an alarm system and want further advice.  Call 101 to speak to a Crime Reduction Officer or to your local SNT.

Linked here is some additional information previously circulated by Suffolk Trading Standards, which includes details from local Borough & District Councils of Personal Alarm Services that people should use instead.


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