Think Again!

Here are some tips for a great night out

Safer Drinking: 

  • Think again before you drink another drop – alcohol affects everyone in very different ways. Remember drinking too much can make people aggressive, it can make you feel disorientated and whilst under the influence of alcohol you are more likely to find yourself in a vulnerable situation.
  • You know your limit – stick to it! Try alternating your alcohol drinks with soft drinks, your more likely to last the whole night that way.
  • Remember to eat something before you start drinking
  • Never leave your drinks unattended; even soft drinks can be spiked.
  • Don’t ruin the weekend by overdoing it on Friday or Saturday night. 

Think Again

Stay Safe: 

  • Go out and have fun but look after yourself and your friends and ensure that everyone gets home safely.
  • Arrange a meeting point and rendezvous time in case you get separated from friends.
  • You can’t always rely on mobile phones, although it’s a good idea to make sure you don’t run your battery down completely, and
  • Keep your mobile safe and don’t carry your wallet or mobile phone in your back pocket or leave it on a table.  Register your mobile at and increase your chances of getting it back if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Always pre-book your taxi and make sure you get the right one!
  • Do not accept lifts from strangers or go home with someone you have just met.

Look after each other

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