Crime Reduction Information

Burglary Leaflet2
House Burglaries
• Ensure all doors and windows are locked when leaving your property even if it is for a short period.
• Create a secure boundary at the rear of your property with a 6ft fence, trellis and prickly plants.
• Remove tools/objects i.e. bricks and garden tools from the garden as these could be used to break in with.
• Lock rear gates and sheds with a good quality closed shackle padlock.
• Use dusk to dawn lighting outside your home
• Use lights/radio on timers.
• Mark your property and register it at:
• Call police if you see or hear anything suspicious

Personal Safety
• Be prepared before you go out. Tell someone reliable where you are going and when you will be back. Wear appropriate clothing and take a mobile phone, torch and personal alarm.
• Stay Together – go out with a group if possible and make sure everyone gets home safely either with the group or a licenced taxi.
• Stay Sensible – being under the influence of drink or drugs makes you more vulnerable.
• Stay Aware – using headphones or your phone means you may not hear an attacker until it is too late
• Stay Safe – stick to main roads and avoid dark and deserted places, especially parks and river paths.
• Stay Secure – keep valuables such as phones, money and jewellery hidden.

Look After Your Valuables
• Never leave your valuables unattended. Hundreds of mobile phones and purses are stolen each year having been left on tables in cafes, pubs and clubs.
• Don’t carry your wallet or mobile phone in your back pocket where it can easily be taken or fall out.
• Install a free tracking application on your phone or other mobile device. Register for free on immobilise.

Cycle Theft
• Always lock your bike to an immovable object.
• Use a quality lock, preferably a D-lock.
• Register your bike for free on immobilise:
• Lock your bike at home as well.

Theft from Cars
• Do not leave any items on view.
• Remove sat nav holders and clean the mark from the windscreen.
• Lock your car and shut the windows every time you leave it, even on the drive or outside your house.

In an emergency dial 999

You should always dial 999 when life is threatened, people are injured, if there is a crime in progress, or if immediate police response is necessary.

For all other queries please call 101

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