Crime Reduction Messages

*Never Leave an open invitation.
* Secure your property.
Close It, Lock It, Check It.

Burglary Leaflet2

* If your carrying valuables be discreet.
* Register your electronic gadgets for free on immobilise
* Do not carry your wallet or mobile phone in your back pocket or leave them on a table.

Heating Oil
* Screen your tank with fencing or hedges.
* Install dusk to dawn security lighting as a good deterrent.
* Close and secure any gates leading to the tank.

Purse Theft
* Always keep your purse out of sight.
* Do not leave your handbag on a shopping trolley or push chair.
* Wear a shoulder bag across the front of your body.

Car Crime
* Do not leave valuables on view.
* Lock your car every time you leave it.
* Keep car keys in a safe place all the time even at home.

On line Crime
* Only carry out financial transactions on secure website’s.
* Look for HTTP in address bar or padlock symbol in your browser.
* Your bank or building society will never ask you for your account details or PIN number via a e-mail.

If you have any concerns or worries ‘Tell the Police’.

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