Project to Lower Oil Prices by Bringing Communities Together

SUFFOLK ACRE is working in partnership with 30 other organisations including charities, local authorities and housing associations to help bring cheaper energy to those households across the UK who use oil. This new initiative is funded by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

In Suffolk, fuel poverty affects over 50,000 people, 18.5% of households compared to the national average of just over 16%. By bringing communities throughout Suffolk together and making the most of joint buying power, savings can be made and passed directly to people whose fuel costs are high simply because they use oil-fired central heating.

The partnership, led by not-for-profit organisation thePeoplesPower, will provide a collective and instant energy switching service to get households a better deal through the power of group buying, and will also offer free energy saving advice and support.

Signing up does not commit you to anything, all it does is say that you would like to receive details of the energy price offer following the auction in March. When you sign up you will receive an email asking you to confirm you would like to sign up to receive the offer. There is no obligation and no cost to you other than five minutes of your time… but the savings on your energy bill could make this significantly worthwhile.

Find out more about Suffolk Acre’s Project here.

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