Staying Safe on a night out

We want people to enjoy themselves on a night out or at a party with their friends. However in partnership with Suffolk Police we have produced a number of ‘Staying Safe’ messages. A summary of the main points are below.

Consider your own personal safety

Arrange a meeting point and agree a time in case you get separated from your friends. Drink too much and you are likely to feel disorientated and you cannot always rely on mobile phones, so it’s a good idea to make sure your battery is fully charged before going out.

Look After Your Valuables

Unfortunately thefts do happen so:

  • Don’t leave things of value visible inside in your car, put them out of sight in the boot
  • Make sure you lock your vehicle
  • Don’t leave handbags/shopping bags unattended
  • Don’t carry your wallet or phone in your back pocket

Moderate your alcohol consumptionCheers

The best way to avoid problems from alcohol is to stay within the recommended limits. So be mindful of what and how much you are drinking. Don’t ruin your enjoyment by overdoing it.

This is not a crime Rape is

Under the influence of alcohol you are more likely to find yourself in a vulnerable situation. Plan your journey home.

Whos Taking You Home

Be Prepared, Take Care and Stay Safe this Christmas

Public Health and NHS





Suffolk Public Health and NHS tells us that last year winter was difficult for the health system across England, and Suffolk was no exception. For years health systems have seen increasing numbers of people who are living better for longer. This also means there are more people with several long term conditions.

There are a number of things you can do, or help someone you care for to do, to ensure that you don’t get caught out this winter:

  • Be prepared – stock up with cold remedies, pain killers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, stave off upset stomachs with anti-diarrhoea and rehydration mixtures, and keep plasters and bandages on hand for any cuts or scrapes.
  • Get a flu vaccination – it will keep you from having a long recovery from this nasty illness, so book an appointment to get one if you haven’t already. People aged 65 or over, or have a long-term health condition or are pregnant are entitled to a free jab.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly – for the time it takes you to sing happy birthday through twice, use hot water and soap to wash away all kinds of viruses from colds and diarrhoea to so much more.
  • Seek help from your pharmacist – they are qualified health professionals who can advise on everything from a cold to long-term conditions.  This is often the best and quickest way to get well. Your pharmacist will let you know if a GP appointment is required. Pharmacies are one of the most accessible sources of advice, with many open long hours incl. evenings and weekends. Some pharmacies are open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.
  • Eat well and drink at least eight cups of fluids a day – it keeps your brain and body working well.
  •  Keep your home warm – By setting your heating to the right temperature (between 18° – 21°C or 64°- 70°F) you can keep you well, especially avoiding chest infections. If you have a disability, are over 65 or live with children aged under 5 ring this local rate number for free advice on heating your home. 03456 037 686
  •  Not feeling well – If you are unsure if you need urgent or emergency care, please call NHS 111 – trained professionals are on hand to guide you.
  •  Beat the winter blues – talk to someone. Talk about your anxieties with someone else, a friend, relative or a group such as the Samaritans. Talking about the things that are worrying you can make a big difference. It is easy to get help from the Suffolk Wellbeing Service too. This is a free NHS service, suitable for people aged 16 + living in Suffolk. You can phone them on 0300 123 1781 or refer yourself via their website.

Do you have any Elderly and Vulnerable Neighbours?

Are you able to spend a few minutes to ensure that: On their own

  • they are not alone all the time
  • their paths are clear of snow and ice
  • they have plenty of food in
  • they are warm enough
  • they have sufficient medication to get through the holiday period
  • if they can use the internet, that they know where to look for information and support

Further information and support over the Christmas and New Year Period

Visiting friends and family this Christmas, or just venturing out, keep up to date with the latest road, rail and weather news.

  •  Suffolk County Council has lots of information about how they plan to keep public highways safe and usable in winter. Their website also has links to information about travel and possible transport disruption and to the latest weather reports.

    Suffolk County Council has also published it’s opening times over this Christmas and New Year period for 2015/16; together with details of who to contact for social care emergencies in Suffolk.

  • There are likely to be disruptions to rail services with some cancellations of trains this Christmas and New Year.
  • Suffolk Police has advice and festive tips on home security, shopping and celebrating, to ensure you have a happy and  crime free Christmas.

Stay Safe


Festive Season Celebrations

Stay Safe





We want people to enjoy themselves this Festive Season, however in partnership with Suffolk Police and other Partners we have produced a number of ‘Staying Safe This Christmas‘ messages.  A summary of the main points are below.

Consider your own personal safety

Arrange a meeting point and agree a time in case you get separated from your friends. Drink too much and you are likely to feel disorientated and you cannot always rely on mobile phones, so it’s a good idea to make sure your battery is fully charged before going out.

Look After Your Valuables

Unfortunately thefts do happen and they are more likely to occur if you have had lots of alcohol and you may not be aware of what’s going on around you.

  • If you do leave things of value in your car put them out of sight in the boot and make sure you lock your vehicle
  • Don’t carry your wallet or phone in your back pocket

Moderate your alcohol consumption

The best way to avoid problems from alcohol is to stay within the recommended limits. So be mindful of what and how much you are drinking. Don’t ruin your enjoyment of the festive season by overdoing it.

Under the influence of alcohol you are more likely to find yourself in a vulnerable situation

Whos Taking You Home

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) What are the Signs?

NSPCC Every Childhood

Child Sexual Exploitation is defined by the NSPCC as a form of sexual abuse in which children are sexually exploited for money, power or status.  Warning signs for sexual exploitation can be hard to identify and can be easily be mistaken for ‘normal’ teenage behaviour.  However, the signs to look out for include:

  • Young people involved in abusive relationships, intimidated and fearful of certain people or situations
  • Young people hanging out with older people or anti-social groups or with other vulnerable peers, including others involved with CSE
  • Young people getting involved in gangs, gang fights and gang membership;
  • Having older boy or girlfriends
  • Having new things like clothes or mobile phones which they can’t or won’t explain
  • Having access to drugs or alcohol
  • Spending time at places of concern such as hotels or known brothels
  • Young people who don’t know where they are because they have been moved around the country
  • Young people that go missing from home, care or education

Smaller Third Party Logo
 is making a stance to demonstrate that child exploitation will not be tolerated. The independent charity is working to educate communities about the threat of CSE by highlighting the signs and explaining how the public can report if they think it’s happening to someone they know.Crimestoppers CSE Image

As Crimestoppers is an independent anonymous charity, they can provide a unique service by allowing those who are perhaps closer to the victims or offenders to report what they know, without any fear of being identified.

When you give information to Crimestoppers they will never asked you your name, no personal information is taken, calls are not recorded. They cannot trace your call or IP addresses of your computer or mobile device. You do not have to go to court or give a statement to the police. Crimestoppers are a safe alternative for those who do not wish to go to the Police. As such, they provide the police and other law enforcement with information which they might otherwise not have had access to.

The Crimestoppers Fearless brand also helps to engage young people through the use of the website. Often young people don’t recognise the signs of being in a coercive relationship. The Fearless campaign aims to help young people to identify the signs of potential exploitation, and give them a means to report what is happening.

Suffolk Police are taking steps to raise awareness of CSE, and Crimestoppers can provide the strong call to action for those who are fearful of reporting it to the relevant authorities. In the case of young people, if they feel uncomfortable about discussing these issues with a teacher, parent or other adult, Fearless provides them with another option.

Crimestoppers is working with Suffolk Police to target parents, teachers, youth workers and young people themselves, to raise awareness across the Suffolk of the signs of CSE. It will raise public awareness and understanding of the signs to look out for. Leaflets and other marketing materials will be distributed across Suffolk to support this campaign.

Flyer ImageHere are some Crimestoppers CSE flyers which you can download to display and distribute.

If you are concerned that a young person may be subject to CSE, please contact the police on 101 (or 999 in an emergency) or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.  The NSPCC also run a helpline on 0800 800 5000.


Stay Safe This Christmas

Stay Safe

As in previous years, Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Police Community Safety Teams, together with many Partners, have put together this year’s Christmas Advent Calendar Campaign.  The aim of the campaign is to communicate, inform and generate more awareness about Social Responsibility and Staying Safe.

Staying Safe this Christmas campaign messages are about personal safety, property and home security, alcohol misuse, vulnerable people, and much much more.  Individual messages will published in a traditional Advent Calendar style on Social Media via Safer Suffolk Communities Facebook page and on Twitter via @SaferSuffolk using the hashtag #StaySafeThisChristmas.

We cannot hope to deliver all we would wish to achieve without the support of all of our Partners, so we would like to say a big Thank You to everyone for their input.   I would also like to encourage everyone reading this Blog to circulate it and Re-Tweet and Share the daily Advent Calendar messages to your colleagues, networks, family and friends.

The first Stay Safe This Christmas tip is from Suffolk Trading Standards.

When purchasing Christmas presents there is a website you can use to search for genuine products from brand owner approved shops. 

So as it’s 1 December, go ahead and click on the Advent Calendar window below to open the Christmas Staying Safe link for today.  Keep following us Twitter and Facebook for each new #StaySafeThisChristmas message.

1 Dec

Be careful when purchasing gifts on-line

Stop Loan Sharks

The England Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) are promoting the Stop Loan Sharks Campaign messages from today 30 November 2015 and will run until Christmas.

Dont get bitten by a loan shark

The IMLT lead the campaign with support from partner organisations. The IMLT want to ensure that everyone knows what a loan shark is, and more importantly, how to report one. IMLT works with other organisations to get the message out to those borrowing from loan sharks, especially in the run up to Christmas.

What is a Loan Shark?

A Loan Shark is someone who lends money without the correct permissions. These Loan Sharkpermissions are granted by the Financial Conduct Authority. Loan Sharks rarely, if ever, give any paperwork and if payments are missed they often use intimidation and violence to get money from their ‘clients’. The Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) is here to help. If you have any information, however small, on loan shark activities they can help.

  • Have you been offered a cash loan?
  • Have you been threatened when you couldn’t pay?
  • Has your bank card been taken from you as a security?
  • Does what you owe keep growing even though you are making payments?

If you can answer yes to any of the above then you may have been bitten by a loan shark. If you, or anyone you know, is experiencing any of the above or has any knowledge of loan shark activities then contact the Loan Shark Team IN CONFIDENCE.

Contact is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on:

Telephone: 0300 555 2222
or by text to: loan(space)shark(space) + your message to 60003

You can also find out more about Stop Loan Sharks by following them on Twitter @LoanSharkNews or by visiting

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Mobile Phone and Tablet Security

Apps for Tracking Smart Phones and Tablets

Extra security is available for smart phones and tablets by installing a tracking application. These ‘apps’ are available from your device’s application store and can help you locate lost phones/tablets or help police recover stolen devices using its GPS signal.

Make sure your device is locked when not in use as tracking apps can be Find My Phonedeactivated by thieves if the device is not locked.

Popular free phone and tablet tracking apps include:

Many other security applications are available from your device’s application store.

Register Serial Numbers

Suffolk Police has joined forces with the online property database Immobilise to help keep property safe and reunite stolen items with their rightful owners across the county.

Many items of identifiable property are either lost or stolen each year. By taking the time to register property on the Immobilise database, people can take a positive step towards reducing the crime.

Immobilise Logo

Registered property would be identifiable to all law enforcement agencies across the country. This in turn will help the police reunite property to their lawful owners and will also help to catch criminals.

Almost any possession with a serial number can be registered for free, including:

  • Mobile phones
  • iPods, other MP3 players and games consoles
  • Laptops, computers and PDAs
  • Satellite navigation and in-car equipment
  • Bicycles.

Watches, jewellery, art and antiques can also be registered for a small fee. Users who upgrade can also add photos and certificates of ownership to their account.

Many items of property which are recovered from criminals are not restored to their rightful owners, as without information on serial numbers or property marking police do not know who they belong to.

If you would like register your valuables visit

For more information about Home and Personal Security visit Suffolk Police’s website.